1. Triennale Design Museum - Milano

    Another quick post whilst on my overseas jaunt:

    As I posted a while back, I’ve been in Milan for a few days visiting my housemate from back home, and whilst we were there we visited the Milano Design Museum, the Triennale.
    This space is a must-see for anyone interested in the slightest in design, from electronics to furniture, architecture and movements that have been associated with both these categories and Italian design in general.

    Part of Parco Sempione in the city’s eastern fringe, the Triennale is tucked away in an unassuming building on one side of the park. At the rear is a magnificent sculpture garden (which I unfortunately couldn’t get any photos of) and inside is where the magic happens. Here you’ll find examples of all your favourite designs that we stock at Clickon, and many many more. The best thing about them here is that it’s an interactive exhibit, meaning you can touch, sit, and play with the pieces. And there’s a myriad of information about the designers and movements they’re involved in at the times of conception, great dinner party fodder!
    Here are some happy snaps from my phone - thanks Hipstamatic!

    Above: The Arco Lamp, by Achille Castiglioni. Casually hanging next to a Fiat. As you do

    ^ Something wild by Ettore Sottsass

    ^ A view of some of the collection

    ^ Amazing wire lights arranged in formation

    ^ The ever stylish Le Corb Chaise

    ^ Some more cute lamps en masse

    ^ More Ettore Sottsass - gotta love that guy!

    ^ Some of the more ‘normal’ looking designers - what a crazy bunch!

    ^ I love this great reappropriation of the humble woven chair. Meant to look woven but actually moulded plastic. Great!

    ^ Zaha Hadid couch - blurring the lines between architecture and furnishing

    ^ The Tizio, one of our favourites at Clickon

    ^ The little Componibilis!

    ^ This one is by Konstantin Grcic - so so so so so so in love with this chair!

    ^ The Ghost - missing sitting on this at my desk

    ^ The Taraxacum, so many lights, so many possibilities

    ^ And a quick one of me, paying homage to Steve Jobs.
    Ciao for now!