1. Please see above for images part of our new range, the Stockholm collection.
    Strong & classic lines, the design is inspired by the Scandinavian look.

    The arm chair has superb detailing, the ash frame has a contrasting walnut upper arm.

    The nest of 3 tables is great for space conscious consumers.
    Money conscious customers could also benefit as well. If they brought the set of 3, two could be used as beside tables while one stays in the living room.

  2. The inspiration & the look.

    Happy New Year!
    Hope you had a well deserved break or at least enjoyed some of the lovely weather.

    Please see attached for my latest Get the Look compilation.

    I am so smitten by yellow & grey at the moment, and nurseries at the moment are so divine and drool worthy.

    Crisp yellow tones are really intensified when paired with greys and charcoals, and adding strong walnut pieces refines the palette even further.

    We love when customers really think about what furniture to get for their nurseries & how the pieces will work down the track. Yes a large buffet may be a big investment for a small child’s area, but it is timeless enough to work well beyond the nappies and well transferable from room to room.


  3. Click Tips # 3 The Great Outdoors

    With summer in our midst it’s definitely time to play outside and take in the floral scents and cool breezes that the season has to offer. It’s true when they say that the garden is an extension of the house, a separate yet connected space designed to alleviate the stresses of daily life by enhancing our connection with nature. On that note, now seems like the perfect time to explore some quirky and clever ideas for your outdoor area that’ll have you jumping for joy.

    1. The all-important colour and texture. I know I’ve said it before but these elements really can uplift a dull and tired space. Citrus-brights in the form of cushions or stools are perfect for the backyard and reminiscent of the sun. Not only are they great at energising a neutral space, but citrusy tones are known for their warmth and the ability to brighten our mood. Why not go one step further and consider a lemon or orange tree?

    2. Join the upcycling movement. Unleash your inner creativity by transforming old items or waste materials into something new and improved. It’s time to get into the garden shed, and dust off those ancient and redundant pieces. Although the idea of going into a dark and spider-filled space seems daunting now, it’ll be worth it in the long run. Look for things you can repurpose- like and old ladder, wooden boxes as beds for your succulents, or an old beer keg to prop your pot plants up on.

    3. Think sustainable. Our new limited edition woven lounge chairs are pleasing on both the eye and to the environment. These two toned, 70’s style outdoor chairs are crafted from ecolene™ a polyethylene synthetic wicker, designed to tolerate extreme heat, UV radiation, high moisture and oxidation. On top of this they are heavy metal free and use organic colourants to produce a charismatic and fun finish. Why not pair these with a woven side table to fashion the perfect summer setting, allowing you to kick back on a lazy afternoon with a cup of tea and a good book.



    4. Become the green eyed monster. No not jealousy itself, I’m talking about embracing vegetation such as flowers or pot plants. By adding some extra greenery, not only will the space become more visually pleasing but you’ll inject a sense of calm experienced when surrounded by nature. This eco approach to outdoor design can be furthered by decking out the space with… wait for it… recycled synthetic grass. That’s right, a low maintenance and luscious solution to your foliage needs.

  4. The inspiration & the look.

    Warm timber with the subtlest of pastel colour, gentle mauve and charming lilac tones really adding romance to rooms.

    With a look like this, there is no power piece in the room everything blends nicely and the pieces co-operate with each other for a harmonious effect.

    What is great about this look is that you can match old with new.
    The favourite look of vintage and treasure finds with pieces in perfect condition.
    I like to call that look character with class.

  5. Happy Halloween! Check out this dark and moody pinboard of all our favourite black products & images.


  6. The inspiration a bright white space, that isn’t too precious.
    Not afraid to have a bold dramatic sofa in the room, not afraid to display knick knacks that reflect the owners style and personality.

    To the right is how we think you can best achieve this look.
    We think these fabulous prints would certainly inject some positive vibes into a neutral space.

  7. These clusters of Tom Dixon lights look fabulous.
    Lovely to see them in more than the regular trio of 3.

  8. I love it when the ottoman is seperate from the lounge chair.
    It really is the small things in life that make my day.

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