1. Classic pieces such as the Replica Componibli, Multi Colour ball rug & Marias chair (Replica Tolix) now available new colouring in the pinks & purples palette.

    Create a chic look by paring with crisp white leather & pastel accessories.

    Also an introduction of the Doff pendant, available in black white or a defined musk colouring.

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    It’s Valentines Day (again, we know - how time flies!) so brush off those cobwebs of your relationship or rejoice in the beauty of your union (Hallmark Card anyone??) with some simple and elegant gifts from us! We’ve got a great range of trinkets, homewares and accessories that’ll suit any taste or budget, check it out online or in-store.

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  3. Please see above for images part of our new range, the Stockholm collection.
    Strong & classic lines, the design is inspired by the Scandinavian look.

    The arm chair has superb detailing, the ash frame has a contrasting walnut upper arm.

    The nest of 3 tables is great for space conscious consumers.
    Money conscious customers could also benefit as well. If they brought the set of 3, two could be used as beside tables while one stays in the living room.

  4. I know it’s hard to think on a Friday, but out of these designs which do you prefer the most?

  5. The inspiration a bright white space, that isn’t too precious.
    Not afraid to have a bold dramatic sofa in the room, not afraid to display knick knacks that reflect the owners style and personality.

    To the right is how we think you can best achieve this look.
    We think these fabulous prints would certainly inject some positive vibes into a neutral space.

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    Creating a simple, soft design for small and large pendants was the main idea behind Cecilie Manz’ Caravaggio series.

    I love it when something can look just as fabulous in a commercial environment that it does in a retail or residential space and vice versa.

    I love it that a lamp that is so bulky, alludes to a sleek interior.

    I’ll admit it, I’m in love with the Carravaggio.