1. Case Study Houses

    We see a lot of what-goes-around-comes-around going on in the media lately, trends change and evolve constantly. But what does stay the same? The classics. The Case Study Houses in America were a program set up for a community of architects to build low cost, prefabricated housing that was designed and available for the masses. Rejoice! This program aimed to eradicate clunky, displeasing design and replace it with something ergonomic, wholesome and of ‘modern’ materials.

    There’s a reason this style resonates through the ages, it’s timeless and elegant and transcends current popular trends. In saying this though, I personally think there is nothing better than combining these design classics with antiques, modern ‘classics’ (think your IKEA or Freedom style pieces) with seasonal changes to keep everything cohesive and inspired.

    Try it out in your home, why not show us what you’ve done with your interior, whether it be all modern, a mixture of modern and classic, or a statement piece in a period setting, and we’ll feature them here.