1. Sulphur Pool Spring Palette

    So Spring has hit us again (although in Melbourne you’d never know it) and everyone is contemplating the big Spring Clean! In our case, however, our eyes are on the big Spring Makeover!

    Now is the perfect time to jazz up your space with some fresh new colours, inspiration taken from a recent trip to the Thermal Pools, Geyser Springs and Sulphur formations in Rotorua, New Zealand, a stunning natural setting and an almost lunar landscape of wild, vibrant and exotic colours!
    Formed over millions of years and showcasing the most insane collaboration of chemistry and biology the earth can provide, punches of orange, aqua, mustard, cerulean and forest green combine for a visual feast! The best!

    See below for our interpretation of the Rotorua Sulphur fields in interiors form - some more muted spring colours than the usual gaudy fluoros - perfect for oak or walnut interiors and great with our Nordic Range or the new Ethnicraft Oak range. We’ve incorporated some taupes, mossy greens, with punches of Ochre and a rich sky blue for accents, delicious!

    All photos © Theo Blankley 2012