1. Plants Plants Plants!

    We’ve been loving plants sick lately - in the house, on the house, around the house, instead of the house…. you get the picture. Here’s some beautiful visual inspiration to get you vegetated or reinvigorate your space with some green- and best of all, it’s good for you too!

    Plants filter harsh airborne toxins and pollutants that emanate from the inside out, result from cooking, cleaning, living, appliances and all that… can you tell we’re keen on plants!?

    A terrarium is a great start to introducing plants to your home, and they’re so easy to make and maintain. Nothing says simplicity like shoving a plant in a glass jar and ignoring it! All you need it a jar/bottle/light bulb/ whatever you can find and some moss, charcoal and an indoor plant, layer them up and stick the lid on.

    Additionally, (and cross-promotionally… you take what you can) this ties in well with the release of our Trees 4 Trees endorsement for our Ethnicraft range. Trees 4 Trees is an organisation that works closely with the growers and farmers of the region in Indonesia where the timber is sourced for the Ethnicraft range, ensuring sustainable practices are utilised not only in the growth and harvesting of the timber but in the management and livelihood of the local community. A worth cause! Anywhere you see the Trees 4 Trees logo on our range, this indicates that we have contributed a portion of the sales amount towards developing this social equity within these communities. So it’s a win for us and a win for you! Check it out on the link above or our website.