Wow has it been a while! Whilst some of us have been schlepping it at the daily grind, some of us have been out enjoying the sights and sounds of the world. Such is life! A trend that has infiltrated its way into the daily style pages, fashion, art, culture and interiors is that of patriotism. From the American stars and stripes to Zimbabwean tribal prints, the inherent culture of a country is here to stay. And a big trend this season and continuing into the future is that of Anglomania. Piloted by dear old Viv Westwood, her emblematic collections feature embellished Union Jacks and what better way to brighten up your interior with a bit of a style injection of from Ye Olde Britannia. To begin with, here’s a shoot my good friends Olivia McDonald and Jess Shoppee did for an art direction piece for their Interior Design courses at Whitehouse Institute of Design. We see here the simple usage of a Union Jack as a backdrop, teamed with some outdoor Marias stools in fiery red and a simple pallet table. Stunning, and so easy to replicate!

    Secondly, the theme of Anglomania works well in both traditional and modern interiors, as well as country style and period homes, as you can see below. (Wallpaper available from Digitex
    Alternatively, why not try some cool DIY with these stylish pieces, simple to do with some fabric paint and a steady hand!
    (more cool tips at Mustard Seed Interiors)

    Or finally, for a bit of plush Blighty underfoot - head over to The Rug Company for some stunning styles of traditional and modern lineage, like the one below.

    See here some alternatives to the run of the mill - style it anyway you like. This look is perfect for a flag draped over your sofa as a throw, a painted finish on a cabinet or even curtains and drapery. Go wild, embrace your inner Anglomaniac!
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